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Crisis 2020: what changes did the coronavirus bring to digital marketing?


Spring 2020 brought with it unexpected changes that even a year ago it was impossible to even think about. The global crisis, isolation, a ban on walking, job cuts - life has changed dramatically. But this is not a reason to despair, but only an opportunity to enter new markets, adapt and expand the usual segment.

Current action strategy

The reaction of the business must be quick and immediate - delay will lead to the fact that the niche will be occupied by competitors. Therefore, initially it is important to conduct a deep analysis of the current situation, identify the true needs of the target audience and provide appropriate services, as well as additional benefits and bonuses. It is important to adapt to the following trends:

  • social isolation — the ability to use a convenient online storefront, ask all your questions over the phone;
  • security - fast delivery, which allows you to get the necessary goods, minimizing movement around the city;
  • pleasant bonuses - comfort for customers at all stages of ordering, discounts, actual gifts (antiseptics, masks, gloves).

The winner in this "fight" will be the one who can convey to potential customers the key idea: "I'm better, you need my services, choose me." This will help non-standard ideas and developments, special chips and "goodies" that will distinguish from competitors and leave them far behind.

Reaction to the crisis: what measures are different companies taking?

Not all organizations are able to go online, but many have successfully done so. One of those who coped with the new conditions was the Beauty-Prof cosmetics store. Posted on the site:

  • list of functioning retail outlets;
  • changed work schedule;
  • current restrictions.

At the same time, the online catalog is also available, there is a courier delivery and the ability to use postal services. "School of Beauty" also continues its work, but online classes are available only on an individual basis.

Free offers - new opportunities for finding customers

Many resources have opened free access for this period, which makes it possible to appreciate the benefits of online learning:

  • for schoolchildren, the "Virtual School of Ranok" is available, which conducts classes every day at a certain time (a reminder of the beginning of the lesson becomes a useful bonus);
  • preschoolers will be able to gain new knowledge on the Rozumniki portal - just register and download the appropriate application;
  • Computer Academy "Step" has prepared a series of free video tutorials on the topic of creating websites, promoting in social networks and creating games.

Numerous training courses are also available for adults - and this is the right direction of development. The client will be interested, try the free option and want to stay forever. Plus, this is a great opportunity to get additional accolades, earn a good reputation, and then count on word of mouth, which will work better than any marketing campaign.

Special offers for leisure activities

Isolation has deprived people of their usual joys, and therefore they are interested in finding an alternative. In this period:

  • video and audio content portals offered free subscriptions or reduced prices;
  • delivery services have focused on security (courier in a mask and gloves), as well as contactless delivery using the application;
  • the Mafia restaurant chain has formed promotional offers, as well as a social program, thanks to which everyone can donate a certain amount to organize free lunches for doctors.

All this is an emphasis on security, the creation of a stronghold of reliability and tranquility. Potential customers get the opportunity to use the necessary services without violating the quarantine conditions, and, as in the case of the offer of Mafia restaurants, to contribute to the victory over a dangerous infection.

Development strategy during the 2020 crisis

The whole world has moved online — ignoring this, you can easily get left behind. Therefore, it is worth using the following tools:

  • contextual advertising;
  • targeting in social networks;
  • active advertising of services and special offers on Instagram and Facebook.

It is important to emphasize that your company is in a trend, it easily changes in accordance with new conditions and is ready to continue to surprise its customers. The maximum amount of photo and video content - now is the time to declare your achievements, attract attention, fix the desired image.

You need to act quickly, analyzing the indicators every day. This will help to understand the mood of users and develop in the right direction, offering customers exactly what they are interested in at the moment.

Business offline

If your business is temporarily put on pause, it's time to start improving it: prepare high-quality content, come up with new ideas that will be implemented in the near future, update the site and set up customer interaction tools. This will help at the end of the quarantine to return to work in a comfortable mode, focusing directly on improving the level of service.

eMiS continues to work as usual

Despite the well-known adversity on a global scale, eMiS specialists have already adapted to new market trends and are ready to provide comprehensive website promotion in search engines and social networks.

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