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How to increase sales?


Every entrepreneurial activity begins with the decision to start a business. But here you are already faced with the first problem, that you can’t just launch a project and get clients. Customers need efforts, namely competent promotion both offline and online.

There are several main promotion channels, and which one is right for you?

You already have a website, but no customers? What is your ranking position? Users often open sites only from the first two pages of search results. Therefore, after creating a website, business owners invest their money in such a promotion tool as SEO. But in order to get the first sales from SEO, it takes time: 4-6 months, or even more.

Not ready to wait so long? Then you need contextual advertising.

It works immediately after launch and corresponds to the request of the user, who sees only what he himself is looking for. Thus, it more than pays for itself, and if it is properly configured, it attracts only interested customers. Another plus of advertising is that ad units are displayed at the very top of the search engine results, thus you get traffic similar to the top 5 results. Sounds good, right?

But contextual advertising also has its disadvantages: trust in advertisements is lower than in search results. For high-quality work of a business, it is necessary to use SEO + contextual advertising, together they perfectly complement each other.

Well, where else to work on a brand, if not in social networks?

With the help of SMM (social media marketing) you increase the subscriber base of potential customers, establish a dialogue with the audience, and create trusting relationships. So you form a positive image, and gradually buyers come to you.

This is a very real opportunity for you to declare your business and gather a loyal audience. However, you need to wait until the first sales are made, especially if your company is little known.

Do you have an Instagram/Facebook page, but everyone just subscribes, likes and doesn't buy anything?

What to do? Set up ads. Targeted advertising is the easiest and surest way to promote and a good choice if you need quick results.

With the help of paid advertising in social networks, you can get new customers. This type of advertising allows you to show your products and services only to potential customers. How? In the advertising account, you choose your target audience, taking into account the following parameters: geo, gender, age, language, interests. Facebook determines who will be interested in your offer, using the content that the user consumes on the Internet, according to the pages that they subscribe to.

You should know your client well, find him and redirect him to the landing page, where he will already make a conversion (subscribe, write a comment, buy your service or product).

Understanding the advertising account is easy, it is flexibly configured, it works quickly and efficiently, so today social networks are one of the most popular options for launching targeting.

Is it possible to increase sales using only one of the tools presented above?

Yes, if you are a marketing and psychology guru with enough money to use any platform. And no, if you are not him. An integrated approach to business development will save the budget and bring in 2 times more customers.

Advice: choose a promotion channel and customize your ads based on your business and target audience.

Which channel to choose? See the mind map below.

And how to understand that this channel works?

The conversion rate depends on many factors, including your industry, offer features, and marketing strategy. Each business will have its own numbers.

Average conversion rates for some types of business are as follows:

Конверсии в заявки и продажи

Find out which promotion channels are right for your business.

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