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Contextual advertising: a quick start of sales


Today, more than 60% of the population have access to the Internet and regularly use it in their daily lives. Someone is looking for useful information for themselves, makes purchases or communicates, and someone builds a business on the Internet and gets excellent results. But how to declare yourself in the Internet space? In this case, contextual advertising is perfect. Contextual advertising is an online advertisement corresponding to the content of the site page, which allows you to cover a large scale of the interested audience in the search results. Sometimes marketing agencies tell their clients that contextual advertising is a very expensive and not always effective method of Internet promotion. We do not share their opinion and will try to prove to you that thanks to the context, you can achieve excellent results without draining budgets.

1. Instant result


The most basic advantage of contextual advertising is instant results. If you have just created a website and you can’t even dream of organic issuance, then without using contextual advertising it’s generally difficult to imagine sales. For example, Seo promotion brings the first results after the first 3 months of work on resource optimization. (We talked about this promotion method in more detail in our article.) Contextual advertising brings the first results within a few hours after launch. This allows you to quickly declare yourself in the Internet space and make a profit.

2. media planning

An effective advertising campaign starts with media planning. This allows you to take into account external (seasonal fluctuations, the level of competition, demand for products) and internal site capabilities (conversion opportunities, usability, sales goals, company advantages). At the planning stage, work is carried out to collect and analyze information, a promotion strategy is created, budgets are derived that will be achieved based on the predicted results. This allows you to study the situation on the market in more detail, as well as take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

3. Pay within budget

Another advantage of PPC is the ability to regulate promotion budgets. This tool is quite flexible and together with a specialist you can choose the best budget to achieve the desired results. Setting up an advertising campaign is possible even under the most minimal budget. In addition, the payment for the campaign is not made immediately. Accounting is made by clicks, after which the user goes to the site. Only after that, the customer's budget is written off (a certain amount is laid in advance). In order to learn more about how the contextual advertising budget is formed and get a detailed calculation, follow the link.

4. Possibility of detailed adjustment of the advertising campaign

Contextual advertising is a very flexible tool for Internet marketing, it's all thanks to its targeted customization. You can specify:

  • the desired time for displaying advertisements;
  • placement by region;
  • platforms where advertising will be placed;
  • socio-demographic parameters;
  • campaign budget;
  • device type.

For example, you can easily show an advertisement for equipment for the production of shoe covers to the CEO of a medical products company from, say, Kharkiv, knowing that he likes to visit blogs of motorists at his lunch break from his phone on the iOS operating system. Show in the selected region, at the selected time, on the selected sites, at the selected prices, on the selected devices. What type of advertising can provide as many opportunities?

5. Increasing brand awareness

Contextual advertising does not impose content, but allows a person to independently go to a specific site to get the information that he wanted to find by entering a query into the browser's search bar. In addition, you pay for advertising only if the user clicked on the ad to your site! Displaying an ad without a click is completely free. This allows you to increase brand loyalty and awareness.

6. Attracting the target audience


With the right launch of an advertising campaign, your ads will be seen only by those users who are really interested in buying certain goods and services - the main thing is to choose the right list of keywords. By reflecting various nuances in the text of your ad, for example, the lower price threshold or the brand of the proposed equipment, you can exclude uninterested visitors. Such attraction of the target audience will increase the flow of customers at times.

7. Geolocation

Contextual advertising is not only a large audience coverage, it is also a focus on a specific region. When setting up an ad, you can specify a link to the geographical location of the company, as well as the desired display time. This allows you to make advertising possible anywhere in the world at any suitable time, purposefully conveying advertising information to potential clients.


Use contextual advertising as the main or additional method of promoting your resource. When properly configured, this marketing tool gives a quick and high-quality result in the form of targeted visitors. If you have no idea how an advertising campaign is set up, it’s better not to experiment in creating it, but trust the professionals. Experts will help set up contextual adsand will monitor their effectiveness, making necessary adjustments in the process. Author: Manko Karina, Content Marketing Specialist

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