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Promotion of a young site


After determining the concept of the site, developing its graphic component and service, an equally important stage begins - the promotion of a new site, without which even the most interesting content will be inaccessible to users. In order to make our recommendations on internal site optimization as accessible as possible for users of different levels of training, we have divided them into separate stages:

  1. Internal optimization;
  2. Preparation of high-quality content;
  3. Link mass;
  4. Analysis of competitors;
  5. Promotion in social networks (SMM).

Internal optimization

At this stage, you have to audit your site and do the following:

  • Remove duplicates. This is a very important point, if it is not followed, there is a high probability of falling under the sanctions of Google and Yandex search engines.
  • Uniqueize the titles of all pages of the resource. Each page should have its own unique title tag, which should also be SEO-optimized.
  • Create a semantic core. The keywords are selected in such a way as to cover all areas of your organization.
  • Check for errors. For these purposes, use tools for webmasters - Google Webmaster, Yandex.

Preparing quality content

Effective promotion of a new site is impossible without the use of quality content. The content of the resource, first of all, must meet the needs of the user, and secondly, it must comply with the algorithms of the search engines, which is the key to the further development of the project. Interesting and high-quality content is of constant interest among Internet users - it is referred to in social networks, it is added to bookmarks, and this has a positive effect on the promotion of the site as a whole. Text should be optimized for LSI and BM-25 standards.

Link mass

Link building (backlinks to the site) or link building is another important step in the search engine promotion of a young site. High-quality links allow you to improve SEO performance and carry out external optimization for certain queries. Main features of link building:

  • Link subject. This is a very important point - you should attract only thematic links to the site, which is important for both Google and Yandex.
  • Link quality. Give preference to links from authoritative resources, which in the long run is much more valuable than links from well-promoted sites of incomprehensible purpose.
  • Use anchorless links. This will avoid problems with search engines and especially with Google.
  • Links must be from different sources. This has a good effect both on the development of the resource as a whole and on its security.
  • Increase the number of backlinks. For the continuous development of the project, it is necessary to ensure a regular increase in the reference mass.

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Competitor analysis

This stage will help us understand how the main competitors work and how they achieve certain results. Features of the analysis:

  • Analyze types and sources of backlinks. This will help you create your own promotion strategy that is closest to real conditions.
  • Analyze all sites that are in the TOP. You need to analyze not the first sites from the TOP list, according to the main keywords and directions, but 10-15 resources from it.
  • Competitor analysis should be carried out regularly. This will allow you to see new sources of traffic, other changes and make adjustments in time.

Promotion in social networks (SMM)

Social factors at the present stage are an effective way of promotion. The most effective method is to attract visitors through quality content and interaction with social media users. For this purpose, interesting content is created, posted in groups of social networks, with the involvement of social signals (tweets, likes, pluses, etc.). An alternative method of promoting a company's products or services, which can be used along with the promotion of a young site, is the use of contextual advertising for any competitive query (SEA) - a service offered by all search engines.

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