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Features of website promotion to the west


Before you start expanding your own markets and offer your services or goods abroad, you should take into account several features of promoting Internet services abroad.

Before you start promoting a site in another country, you should carry out;

  1. Specificity analysis
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Create a promotion plan.

Analysis of the specifics of the market

Before offering your goods or services on a previously unfamiliar market, you should study and understand all its features and perhaps even sharpen your product for it, taking into account all the features and specifics of the regional market.

Competitor analysis

After you have thoroughly studied the specifics and features of the market, you can begin to study competitors. It is worthwhile to thoroughly analyze their sites and figure out who is doing what, who has what strategies and chips, and maybe even borrow something from them. After several competitors have been studied in detail (preferably at least about 10), everything becomes more or less clear what is needed for successful promotion in this particular market.

When analyzing competitor sites, you should consider;

  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • resource structure.

Internet platform promotion plan

This is actually a developed strategy, guided by which it is possible to achieve a positive result. Before starting any business, certain goals and objectives are set, and based on them, coupled with an analysis of competitors, you can create a rough plan:

  1. Regional domain
  2. Promoted region server
  3. Texts in the language of the region where the site is being promoted
  4. Backlinks from regional domains.

1. Regional domain from the region where we are trying to advance

Everything is very simple here, search engines trust domains with a regional extension more. For Ukraine it is .ua, for the USA .com, for the UK .co.uk .es for Spain. With the help of these domains it is much easier to promote your Internet project.

2. Promoted region server

All the same search engines “like” resources more that are located on the servers of the region where they are promoted. For USA to USA, for Spain to Spain, etc. that is why hosting should be placed on regional servers, it is more profitable for you and will eventually pay off.

3.Texts with regional language features.

Everyone knows that the English language is different in different countries, which is why it is desirable that the texts be written taking into account all the features of the region for which it is written, and it would be nice if the author of the texts was a native speaker of the regional language. For example, in the States - an American, in Australia - an Australian, and in the UK - a British.

Backlinks from regional domains.

When promoting a site to a new region, it is very important that the links to the site are from the region where you are implementing it. Again, search engines give preference to those sites that have more than 50% backlinks from regional domains. Only in this case, you can hope for a successful promotion of the site.

The next step, after you have achieved success in Ukraine, will be the promotion of the project abroad. But this is a rather serious step for which you need to properly prepare in order to expand your business and achieve success outside the country.

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