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8 tricks to help you sell products through social networks


Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. We start our day by watching the news feed, sharing photos with friends on Instagram, listening to music and watching videos on YouTube. In addition to all this, we subscribe to interesting publics, observe the life of celebrities and even make purchases. It would be foolish not to use the power of social media to connect with your customers and customers. Many entrepreneurs still underestimate the prospects of promotion in social networks (SMM), but today more and more companies are successfully using it to increase sales. You can also take advantage of the most effective tools to help promote your product and even your own brand on social networks.

We have prepared for you several tricks that will help you sell products through social networks.

1. Use the sales catalog


Internet customers are extremely lazy creatures! They need to get all the necessary information right here and now, and not bother with unnecessary transitions through sites. Do not waste time - create a product catalog and mark the product in the publication - this way a person can find out everything that is interesting to him about the promoted product. Be on the same wavelength with the client and make his life easier! This approach will have a positive impact on sales dynamics, as well as bring you even more new customers.

2. Call to action

Calls to action is a common practice that is effective and always relevant. Sometimes the user only needs one small push to make a decision, so why not increase your chances of taking the targeted action? When describing the benefits of your products or services, add a call to action: “Try the free version now”, “Download for free”, “Join an online course today and get a 30% discount”. There is another secret here: a person is a suggestible being, and his psyche is malleable enough for various neurolinguistic manipulations. Imperatives - words in the imperative mood (“buy”, “order”, “come”) act on every person. This is much easier than the hackneyed “you can order” tricks of beginner copywriters.

3. Don't miss the opportunity to delight your customers


If you have special offers on birthdays and other informational occasions, create relevant advertisements. It can be discounts and promotions for people who have a birthday soon. Thanks to the many settings and functions of social networks, this can be done in no time.

4. Use the Facebook Pixel


This is not only a statistics tool, but also a good tool for increasing sales and expanding the possibility of advertising settings! Customize the pixel by hiding the code in the header of your site. If someone visits your resource and performs a target action, the pixel notifies you about it. Use this tool to learn what people do on your site and reach the right audience.

5. Personalize communication with your audience


Try to write posts and advertisements with your target audience in mind, not everything for everyone. Try to use what your customers like. For example, if you sell spare parts for car services, then your target audience is men from 25 to 50 years old. Simple, informative texts with key information without excessive emotionality work well for them. Simple facts: prices, specifications, discounts on parts and spare parts, links to certificates. But if your audience is young mothers who are looking for clothes for their babies, then the style and form of building advertising texts will be completely different. Women, especially mothers, are emotional creatures, they can be easily hooked with deminatives (a diminutive form of words), digressions about motherhood and the life of babies, and attractive banners. But in this it is important to observe the measure so that the texts of the posts do not turn out cloying and strained.

6. Don't go all the way


First of all, try to be useful, and not impose your services! If you set up an advertising campaign in several stages, at each of which you will filter out a part of the audience, in the future it will be easier to bring target customers to the desired purchase or order. For example, an inexperienced seller on social networks will flood their subscribers with advertising posts with the message “Buy / order now - we have the best and cheapest!” But customers have not responded to such promotions for a long time. They need to be "taken" with something useful. These can be informational posts related to your product / service (for example, stylist tips if you sell women's clothing, etc.)

7. Think about the future and remember the past


Always keep in mind what was before the ad and what will be after. After all, the vast majority of successful promotions are marketing components. They are based on past advertising campaigns and will definitely lead the next ones!

8. Create an effect of urgency or demand!


The deadline principle is one of the simple yet effective ways to stimulate sales and increase conversions. It is used both on landing pages (landing pages) and in all kinds of promotions both online and offline. For example, let people know when a product is out of stock, which will speed up their desire to buy the product. Time-limited promotions also work well, especially if they are profitable and short-term - black Fridays are proof of this!

And finally, let me tell you…

There are a lot of useful tips on how to increase sales on the Web that work well in one way or another. But everyone who uses them in practical experience will unanimously say that each site and page in social networks is unique, like its audience. What works well for your competitor may not necessarily work for you, and vice versa. But if you move in this direction, you will definitely discover your own methods for attracting customers and stimulating sales. The main thing is to always keep your finger on the pulse of modern SMM technologies and trends in the world of Internet marketing.

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