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24 tips for effective SMM promotion from Ivan Titarenko


Chips and tricky tricks will not interfere with either an SMM specialist or a business owner who independently promotes his brand on social networks. We prepared this article together with our chief SMM specialist Ivan Titarenko. If you want to start maintaining accounts in social networks, then our information will be very useful to you. Read and learn SMM Zen!

1. Be on the wave of trends!


Be sure to follow the trends on social networks, today everyone is discussing cats and the wedding of Prince Harry, and tomorrow the information loses its value. In order for your content to be interesting and in demand, the information must always be up to date. Agree, no one wants to see the same information 10 times! Therefore, be original and follow the trends.

2. Competitors: find and destroy!

No one has canceled the analysis of competitors yet. Sometimes it helps to find your mistakes and better understand the specifics of niche marketing. Try to find pages and groups of competitors, analyze their content, find out which type of publications has the most engagement and reaction of subscribers. However, you should not completely adopt the strategy of even the most successful competitors, the same templates may not work even in related topics.

3. We act only according to a pre-planned plan


Before any major event, a clear scenario of actions is always thought out, which will lead to the target result. Well, social media promotion is no exception. To achieve the result, a lot of analysis and clear planning of work is required. Think over a strategy and, based on it, create a content plan according to which you will make publications. This greatly optimizes your work on the project. Another tip, do not make posts “for show”. Let them be less, but they will be interesting and bright for your subscribers. Don't clutter your feed with useless content.

4. Stand out from the crowd!

Create unique content and come up with your own design style, create your own “zest”, by which people will immediately recognize you. Subscribers will thus remember your brand. Pay great attention to the design of banners, they first of all attract the attention of users.

5. Add a directory


If you are trying to sell through social networks, be sure to add a catalog! The easiest way to add it is through the integration of the plugin with WooShopping and your Facebook pixel! In this case, you do not have to enter all the goods manually!

6. Regularity of publications

график публикаций smm

Make a clear schedule based on the activity time of your target audience! Most often this is in the period before work in the morning, at lunchtime and after work. In order to get to know your audience better, you need to draw up a portrait of a potential buyer. We already wrote about this in one of our previous articles.

7. Focus on the seasons

If you have a specific theme, focus on the seasons, events related to the theme. Use Google Trends to identify seasonal fluctuations. Thanks to this service, you will build the right strategy for interacting with your target audience.

8. Think about the client

целевая аудитория smm

Focus on the needs and fears of your target audience, find problems and ways to solve them. For example, if you are running a page on a medical topic, describe all types of allergies, when it most often worsens (in the spring, when you should make the post itself) and indicate how to mitigate its symptoms, etc. Be a source of useful information and an expert in your field.

9. Communicate with your audience

Create polls, ask questions in comments and posts, and your engagement will be higher than most competitors. People trust busy groups more. Plus, it's always good to know what your followers think.

10. Giveaway

giveaway smm

Make giveaways and contests - these are the cheapest ways to increase your audience! However, there is one BUT: for pages where the cost of the contest and the prize will be much higher than the audience given in return - this is absolutely not profitable!

11. Share feedback about yourself!

Show that your subscribers and customers trust you. Let everyone see that you are a master of your craft and can be counted on. More trust - more sales!

12. Explain to users what you do

smm в действии

Try to make your page in such a way that the new user intuitively understands what the page is about and what information they can expect here. This applies not only to the description, but also to the design of the page.

13. Creativity is everything!

smm креативы

Standard phrases and similar banners are unlikely to be of much interest to people. And bright, unusual banners and funny slogans will quickly attract attention and sit in your head, the main thing is not to overdo it with raisins).

14. Monitoring and analytics

Мониторинг и аналитика smm

Don't forget that despite all the creativity of social networks, they are also a marketing tool! You need to compare statistics, check numbers and, based on their analysis, draw conclusions and make decisions that will help you increase your efficiency!

15. It is important not to forget about advertising

Many people think that you can get a large community of loyal customers with absolutely no advertising and budgeting - this is not true! Remember that advertising works well when set up correctly, so it's best to contact targeted advertising specialists.

16. Always be in touch

ведение smm

Try to respond quickly to everyone. If people know that a question or appeal will not go unnoticed for a long time, they will recommend you to their friends!

17. Work on loyalty

Social networks are capable of not only selling goods, full of advertising and promotional prices. They build public opinion, reflect the attitude towards the client, flexibility, the ability to solve the problem. They create a delayed effect greater than an immediate sale. So work on your social media reputation and let customers know you can be trusted.

18. Build a Mission for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Why do you exist? A rather rhetorical question, but it is he who allows you to understand the essence of your business. If you were the leader in your industry, what would be your goal? What if it consisted not only in selling goods or services, but in influencing people with the help of information, changing their lives, behavior or views. Build a content marketing strategy based on the main mission of your company, benefit people, think about the client and your social networks will work.

19. Engage blogging

блоггинг smm

A blog is still the perfect place to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Create interesting and relevant content that your audience will want to share. Set discussion topics on social networks regarding your articles.

20. Don't lie to your subscribers

подписчики в smm

You should never lie to your audience, customers, partners, and even yourself. Provide only truthful and up-to-date information supported by facts. Do not use fakes, bots and offers - this will only spoil your karma and reputation.

21. Know your target audience

поиск целевой аудитории smm

If you want to influence a specific segment of the audience and not waste your budget, then it is logical that you should know everything about your potential client: his age, preferences, gender, education, etc. Come up with new ways to engage your audience and study their interests.

22. Introduce subscribers to the inner life of your company

работа с подписчиками smm

People don't really like to buy from faceless brands online. So why not introduce subscribers to your company closer? Tell us about your colleagues, about interesting company projects or events, share your opinion. Get closer to the audience!

23. Make original banners

оригинальные баннеры smm

A banner is the first thing a person pays attention to when scrolling through the news feed. Therefore, it is so important to use all the possibilities of visual content. Create high-quality unique images that will attract users.

24. Live content is the main trend of 2018

live-content smm

Live broadcasts, broadcasts, stories - all this is worth using in 2018 to stay in trend. This is a cool tool for contacting your audience, increasing user loyalty, and sales. You can review your company's news, new products, events, and more. The options are endless. The advantage is that you communicate with your customers live, it attracts more attention and trust. Article authors:

  • Manko Karina, Content Marketing Specialist
  • Titarenko Ivan, leading specialist in SMM-promotion

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