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Advertising Yandex Direct

Contextual advertising in Yandex Direct is a way to contextually promote a site in Yandex search results and on other sites that are part of its advertising network. The advantages of this channel for promoting a business on the Internet are the speed of setup, predictability and the target audience, that is, ads are seen by users who are already looking for this product / service in Yandex or on partner sites.

When a user makes a request in Yandex for your topic/product, an advertisement, regardless of its current ranking positions, appears on the PS page above the search results, below the search results, or on the right.

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What gives you the Yandex Direct setting in eMiS?


Profit Growth

Contextual advertising Yandex Direct is the most effective in terms of investment justification


Quick result

You don't have to wait long before the first sales


Targeted traffic

Visitors come to your site who are interested in your product and ready to make a purchase



Yandex services allow you to track the behavior of the target audience, monitor the effectiveness of advertisements and optimize search queries, increasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign


Control and management

During the advertising campaign, you can monitor the effectiveness of advertisements and change the settings in accordance with your goals, requirements



Opportunity to expand the scope of activities, enter new markets and increase profits

Setting up Yandex.Direct

In Ukraine, about 70% of users work with the Google search engine, and only 30% resort to Yandex when searching for the necessary information. However, even with this ratio, Yandex is an effective platform for developing your business on the Internet. Proper Yandex.Direct setup is one of the most effective and fastest ways to attract the target audience to the site, which we successfully use in promoting online resources.

Order Yandex.Direct setup at the eMiS internet marketing studio, and potential customers will learn about your company, as they will see you in search engines, mobile applications, email services, and YouTube.

Why do you need to set up Yandex.Direct?

Yandex Direct tools allow you to solve many business problems. Depending on what goals you set for yourself, with the help of the right professional settings for contextual advertising in Yandex, we will help you:

  • attract target users from the search engine and thematic resources;
  • optimize promotion costs (you will pay only for clicks to the site);
  • gain control over the advertising campaign and increase its effectiveness.

Features of contextual advertising Yandex Direct

Your target audience is a frequent user of Youtube

  • Flexible settings
    The settings take into account geography, theme, time of display and many other conditions.
  • Auction price formation.
    You are free to choose the budget, choose the rates yourself.
  • Pay for results
    You pay for the visits of targeted users to the site, and not for the number or time of displaying ads.

What tools do we use when setting up Yandex Direct

We perform:

  • setting up search contextual advertising;
  • setting up and optimizing advertising networks (YAN);
  • setting up retargeting ads.

Who are the professionals working on your project?

A whole team of specialists is engaged in promoting your site in Yandex:

  • project manager;
  • contextual advertising specialist certified in Yandex Direct, Yandex.Metrika;
  • web analyst.

If necessary, we involve a web designer, programmer.

Algorithm for setting and optimizing settings in Yandex.Direct in eMiS

Work plan for setting up contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct:

  1. Analysis of your business, field of activity, business of competitors.
  2. Setting realistic, clear goals.
  3. Development of a strategy based on the results of the analysis, selection of the most effective advertising tools.
  4. Development of an account architecture that is as convenient and understandable as possible for all participants in the process.
  5. Collection of the semantic core, taking into account the requests of potential customers and your business tasks.
  6. Formulation of a unique selling proposition, creation of advertisements.
  7. Setting up URLs that make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to find your product.
  8. Setting up statistics in Yandex.Metrica, which in the future will allow you to quickly change your strategy, manage bids, customize advertising for the most profitable market segments, effectively use sales funnels, and control the effectiveness of advertising settings.

What does Yandex.Direct setup give you?

  • Target Marketing

Advertising is set up for interested users, so the probability of hitting the target is very high.

  • Exclusion of unjustified costs

You pay only for targeted user actions (if a user came to your site through an ad, made a call).

  • Minimum investment at the start

You yourself accept the budget of the advertising campaign, based on which we will build a marketing plan.

  • Quick result

Setting up contextual advertising takes up to 3 days, after which potential customers already see it in search or on thematic sites.

  • Positive promotion dynamics

Achieved by optimizing settings (monthly audit shows the most effective tools that we use for further promotion).

  • Results tracking

You get access to the cabinets and can track the statistics of targeted user actions performed through advertisements, evaluate the effectiveness of invested funds.

Yandex.Direct setup: service price

A number of factors influence the formation of the cost of contextual advertising:

  • Kind of activity;
  • the number of advertised products;
  • regional factor;
  • marketing strategy.

Why is it advantageous to order Yandex Direct settings from eMiS?

  • eMiS is a team of professionals with over 10 years of successful internet marketing experience;
  • for each client, we choose the most effective ways of promotion, taking into account the market sector, the scale and specifics of the business, and business goals;
  • The main principle of the eMiS Internet marketing studio is the efficient and rational use of the budget, so you can be sure that not a single hryvnia will be wasted, and in the process of promotion, the cost of contextual advertising will be reduced by optimizing the settings.
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Service stages

Technical setup

  • Coding Yandex Metrica
  • Debugging Yandex Metrics (setting links, setting goals)
  • Testing the correctness of the settings
  • Create an account
  • Working with utm, yclid tags

Advertising settings

  • Drawing up an account structure
  • Collection of key phrases, negative phrases/words
  • Creating a unique selling proposition, drafting ad text
  • Drawing up a targeting strategy, rates, budgeting
  • Retargeting setup

Audit + optimization

  • Correction of keys, minus words/phrases
  • Bid optimization
  • Work plan for process optimization based on the results of the analysis
  • Report to the customer on the work performed

In what cases it is necessary to order contextual advertising?

  • You have never advertised your site in Yandex and want to see how advertising works for your business
  • You have an unsuccessful experience of setting up Yandex Direct, the only result of which was money wasted. Now you want to entrust campaign setup to professionals
  • Your online business is doing well, but you want to expand your markets
  • You own a large online business. You need a professional team to manage the project
  • Promoting your website requires a comprehensive marketing approach. You want to use contextual advertising in Yandex in addition to other ways to get organic traffic

Who performs the service in eMiS internet marketing studio?

Competent advertising settings in Yandex are provided by Senior and Middle PPC managers

How much does Yandex Direct contextual advertising cost?

The cost of the service per month in eMiS is from 5000 UAH. The advertising budget is planned separately, based on the number of clicks and their price.

Where can I order high-quality RK settings in Yandex Direct?

Of course, here at eMiS. Our web marketing studio has been organizing advertising campaigns for companies from different business segments in Ukraine for more than 10 years. Our specialists are well versed in the intricacies of Yandex.Direct and will do everything to make advertising work for you.

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