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eMiS - a company that provides services in complex Internet marketing (SEO, targeted and contextual advertising), as well as turnkey site development for more than 14 years

We are in constant two-way communication with our clients. Most of our cross-functional team is located in the same office, so you can always come to visit us and see live how your project is being worked on, drink a cup of aromatic coffee and treat yourself to delicious cookies. At any time you can count on a warm welcome from your personal manager and other employees.

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Years of experience

Our company provides services in the field of Internet marketing and website development

More projects have been developed

They have already been launched and are successfully producing results


Already working with us and satisfied with the results of our cooperation

We are the best in our field

Working with us, you will receive:

  • Only effective methods of promotion
  • Communication directly with the team
  • Each client's personal account for tracking work
  • Work with all promotion channels
  • The result is already at the end of the first month
  • Transparent reporting

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How is the comprehensive promotion of the site on the Internet

The basis of effective advertising on the Internet is research and analytics. In order to develop an effective strategy of integrated Internet marketing, we must clearly understand the goals of the project, determine the region of promotion, promotion of the site: Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv, all of Ukraine, the western market.

After determining the goals and the region of promotion of the site, we begin Internet marketing research.

Market analysis

We analyze the market with its separate segments

Definition of competitors

We determine the main competitors and their traffic, promotion channels, cost. We conduct an analysis of the uniqueness of sales or service provision

Site analysis

We perform technical and usability analysis of the selling site

Development of the technical task

We provide recommendations for creating a site structure for effective promotion and promotion of the site on the Internet

Determination of promotion channels

We choose effective channels depending on the type of activity (SEO promotion, PPC, trading platforms, price aggregators, SMM and others)

Approval of the work plan

We approve the strategy plan for conducting your business on the Internet. We calculate the investment budget. We calculate the payback from the implementation of Internet marketing

What is SEO site promotion

SEO site promotion is a deep, well-chosen complex of effective measures aimed at increasing positions in the TOP search engines of Google, as well as improving site conversion rates. For more than 14 years, the eMiS company has been working on raising the positions of business resources for effective search engine results, both in Ukraine and abroad. At the same time, we use:

  • Only white promotion and optimization;
  • Qualitatively selected semantic core based on user requests;
  • Increasing attendance and receiving orders from targeted traffic attraction;

Remember that effective search engine optimization of the site by eMiS entails:

  • High competitiveness;
  • The popularity of the resource in Google and other search engines;
  • Profit due to customer activity;
  • Your budget savings for website promotion in the network.

When do you need search engine optimization and site promotion?

Regardless of the Internet project, the main goal of SEO promotion of a website is to improve all performance indicators of a virtual resource and increase its ratings in popular search engines. As a rule, the eMiS team recommends ordering SEO site promotion to all existing or aspiring internet business owners in various situations:

  • An information site, an online store, a site that provides services, or a directory does not bring traffic from search engines or is in a state of stagnation, stagnation for a long time;
  • Search requests are enough and there is traffic. However, there are no sales or orders;
  • The SEO promotion strategy was developed incorrectly, as a result of which the site fell under the filters of Google and the traffic was greatly reduced. The result is a low level of sales and no profit;
  • An improved site structure is necessary;
  • The desire to get a quick increase in visits and orders from a new, young site.

What is included in the SEO promotion of the site?

The online selling resource can be used throughout Ukraine, as well as regional SEO promotion of the site in Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and so on, or abroad.

The scheme of work on SEO promotion of the site includes:


Detailed site audit. We analyze:

  • Indexing of pages;
  • External, outgoing links and their anchors;
  • Site structure;
  • Nesting of pages, clarity of URL;
  • Text data (volume, keyword density, uniqueness);
  • Image optimization;
  • Presence of broken links;
  • Download speed;
  • Errors in the code on the site pages;
  • The presence of duplicate pages of texts and meta-headings on the site;
  • Presence of malicious scripts;
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files;
  • Site visitors, behavioral factors, relevance of pages.

Based on the audit, a TOR for internal optimization is drawn up for the developer and SEO specialist. The strategy for SEO promotion of the site in search engines is also agreed with the client.


  • Implementation of technical specifications for internal optimization;
  • Adding and setting up Google services on the site (Google Webmaster, Google Analytics);
  • If the business is regional, the site is added to Google maps


  • Collection of the site's semantic core (list of queries). All pages of the site are being worked out step by step;
  • Key requests are agreed upon;
  • Writing technical specifications for a copywriter based on agreed requests;
  • Acceptance and verification of written texts;
  • Agreement of texts with the client;
  • Placement and optimization of agreed texts;
  • Selection of sites for placement, purchase of links.


Preparation of a report showing the dynamics of indicators:

Preparation of a report showing the dynamics of indicators:

  • Traffic from search engines;
  • Failure rate;
  • Depth of page viewing;
  • Average session duration;
  • Achieving goals (conversions);
  • If it is an online store, then "Transactions" and "Income" are added to the list;
  • At the client's request, the dynamics of keyword positions are reset.

Depending on the site's promotion strategy, the data in the report may be different.
After the report is prepared, these indicators are analyzed and, if necessary, a technical task (TOR) is formed for their improvement.

How do we promote sites in search engines?

Depending on the assigned tasks, we assemble a team from eMiS for you, consisting of highly qualified specialists in this direction. Your personal Project Manager oversees all issues together with an SEO specialist and an optimization assistant.

The structure of the work looks approximately as follows:

How much does SEO site promotion cost?

The eMiS company provides clear results already after the first thirty days of work on your online project. We have more than 9 years of experience working on various projects. Based on this, the minimum wishes of the customer were determined and taken as a basis. Therefore, the promotion of the site in the TOP search engines includes a starting cost of UAH 5,000 per month. The price of SEO promotion of the site directly depends on the quality of the Internet project, its size. After just a few weeks, you will be able to get a positive result from the invested funds.

Find out now the detailed cost of promoting your business on the Internet!

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What they say about us
Oleksandr Vorona
Office Manager
Video review

We have been working with eMiS for 3 years, they have taken away from us all issues related to promotion - context, SEO, social. networks, made us a website. They work effectively in these directions, we are satisfied with the indicators and efficiency. Setting up business processes, automation, telephony - everything was entrusted to them, everything works. I can recommend him as a normal, adequate contractor. They always do everything professionally and on time. I like it, I recommend it.

All reviews
Vadym Symanchuk
Video review

Young, promising guys, developed the site zaim.dp.ua for me according to my specifics - I deal with private loans. It is very pleasant to work, good results in terms of leads and applications. I recommend!

All reviews
Polina Fedotova
Video review

I rate the quality of the website created for me at 10 out of 10. As for the advertising campaign, it hasn't been launched yet, so I can't give any recommendations. I had some questions in the course of cooperation, but the staff responded promptly, provided explanations and provided the necessary support. In general, there were no difficulties. I believe that the level of customer service in your company is high. The team stands out for its professionalism and commitment to excellence. Regardless of the level of complexity, the employees demonstrate exceptional efforts and are always ready to help, which contributes to the successful implementation of projects. I would like to express my gratitude for the services provided and wish your team a desire to improve and enhance the quality of services. I believe in your potential for further success and achievements.

All reviews
Video review

I really appreciate the quality of the changes made to our existing websites. The work was carried out at a professional level, everything is great. As for the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, it meets the stated forecasts and continues to grow, which is good news. In the process of cooperation, there were some misunderstandings on technical issues, largely due to our lack of competence, and there were also problems with communication. However, over time, we were able to find a middle ground and now continue to strengthen our cooperation. I would like to recognize the high level of customer service in your company. The employees promptly responded to all our inquiries and questions and helped us solve the problems we had. We are very grateful to them for that.

All reviews
Loboda Ivan
Video review

The team did a good job of implementing all the tasks when creating the website. As for the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, I believe that it depends on the qualifications of the specialist and his desire to earn money. The company creates excellent conditions for development, which is a kind of food for thought that leads to aspiration and, ultimately, financial success. My overall conclusion is positive 👍. I did not have any difficulties or questions in the process of cooperation. The level of customer service was on top, everything was explained clearly and in detail. I do not have any suggestions or comments on how to improve the services, as I believe that the company is already at the proper level.

All reviews

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